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Heat pomps - solar collectors
ekologic renewable energy from earth, air and sun


Heat pomps

Solar collectors

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Solar collectors - solar batteries

Solar collectors, which transfer solar energy into electricity, are commonly installed with heat pumps.
STIEBEL ELTRON provides solar collectors of the following types:

kolektor słoneczny
Flat solar collectors to be mounted on roofs, SOL 20 plus
This collector is installed on roofs. It is fitted with an absorber covered with a layer of Tinox (Titan-Nitride-Oxide) of particularly high selectivity. It is very easy to mount the collector with its upper terminals and it takes very limited space, even when mounted in a set. A collector is protected with a panel, 4mm thick, made of transparent glass. When suitable mounting systems are used, it is possible to install either single collectors or their groups vertically. Operation with a water solution of propylene glycol ECO 2000 MPG (50% solution) provides protection against freezing and corrosion. Casing of the collector is made of aluminium resistant to sea water. The safety and quality of the collector are guaranteed with the type certificate and German TÜV and DIN CERTICO certificates as well a 'blue angel' marking issued by the German Environmental Protection Office for the very high efficiency and the application of materials that do not contain any hazardous substances.

WPS Compact design for indoor uses
A metal casing is varnished in white and the front part features a WPMWII control system. In the bottom part there is an integrated enamelled container for hot service water. The container is heated in a direct system via a built-in coil pipe, which shortens the heating time and provides greater comfort to its users. An electric heater fitted in the system enables the operation in a dual monoenergetic system and reaching high temperatures of the hot service water. The device is provided with protective elements (a high pressure sensor, a low pressure sensor and frost protection), three temperature sensors (feed, return and lower source) and a starting current limiter.

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