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Heat pomps - solar collectors
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Heat pomps

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Heat pomp

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pompa ciepla stibel eltron

Heat pomps - terms of opreating

pompy ciepla wplHeat pumps are ecological, modern and increasingly economical heating devices. At the time of high energy consumption, both in economy and housing, high costs of fuel and environmental pollution, humanity looks for renewable (non-conventional) sources of energy.

In order to reduce high costs of housing maintenance due to their heating in the cold season, you may use heat pumps, which have been reliable sources of energy for decades. At present heat pumps offered by manufacturers such as STIEBEL ELTRON have become an attractive source of heat, due to very high costs of heating resulting from soaring fuel prices). They are ecological and modern devices which are becoming more and more affordable. Importantly, their operation costs are low.
Another important advantage of heating systems that use heat pumps is their long life with a set (within certain limits) efficiency factor, without the need to perform annual maintenance, repairs or upgrades.

What is a heat pump and how does it work?
A heat pump is a low-temperature heating device. Its operation is based on well-known physical phenomena and transformations. Simply speaking it consists of four basic elements that create a thermodynamic cycle: an evaporator, a compressor, a condenser and a thermostatic expansion valve, as well as a circulating medium, i.e. a gas that may boil at low temperatures. There are four processes occurring in a thermodynamic cycle continuously. In an evaporator a working medium is evaporated (heat is received from environment). After that the medium vapour is compressed in a compressor. Next the medium is subject to condensation in the condenser at a high pressure and temperature (heat is returned to the system). The last process in the cycle is the decompression in the expansion valve, which doses the medium to the evaporator, where the cycle repeats.

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